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Home of the worlds fastest 4 cyl street roadster

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The RaceDeck Roadster is in the "F" engine class- 2.1 to 3.0 L motor. As "B" stands for "Blown" motor, in our case it is a turbo. We can run almost any of five classes for this car, with just few changes to the roadster.

Fastest ever timed pass at Bonneville:
213.413 mph (BFR) / Ran at World Finals 2004
No other 4 Cyl Roadster has ever ran as fast at Bonneville

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Home of the worlds fastest 4 cyl street roadster

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F/BSTR- Blown Street Roadster= body must be that of a stock roadster, having headlights, tail lights, rear fenders, full open front grill, …basically the most un-areodynamic thing you could run, making it one of the most competitive classes in Land Speed Racing. This is a gas only class

F/BGR- Blown Roadster- Headlights come off, fenders come off, and a flat insert can be used in the front grill area. The roadster must still maintain overall original body shape, height and wheelbase. This is a 'gas' only class. For "fuel" you would enter as F/BFR
F/BMGR- Blown Gas Modified- Same as above, but you can make belly-pans, aerodynamic grill inserts and panels, change wheelbase, change cockpit location, etc...almost unlimited. Again, if you ran fuel you would enter as F/BMFR.
PS/F- Engine class size PM = Production SuperCharged (Turbo) - This class call for the vehicle to have a body that is not altered in anyway other than how it came from the factory- no aerodynamics, body panel alterations, belly panning, etc..THe power plant must be of the same configuration as was produced - engine size, transmission, if front or real whell drive, must stay that way. Your are allowed to modify the existing motor and lower the vehicle. All safety mods are allowed
The Car #56
1932 Highboy Roadster

Engine: 2004- 2.4 L (144 c.i. / 4 cyl) Turbo Charged Dodge SRT-4 (F class)
Transmission: 3-speed automatic
Estimated HP- 750 on gas and 950+ on fuel (alcohol)
Driver /Owner:
Jorgen Moller – CEO of Snap Lock Industries, the manufacturer of RaceDeck®  Flooring.
Classes run at Bonneville Salt Flats: All three Bonneville events Speed Week, World of Speed and World FInals 
F/ Blown Street Roadster ( F/BSTR)
F/ Blown Gas Roadster ( F/BGR)
F/ Blown Fuel Roadster (F/BFR)
F/Blown Gas Modified Roadster (F/BGMR)

Records and Milestones
The RaceDeck Roadster was debut at Speed Week 2003 and has competed at all three Bonneville Salt Flats events each year since then – Speed Week, World of Speed, World Finals and has broke a standing land speed record an astounding 8 times in just six events. 
Current Records held as of the end of the 2004 season :
F/BSTR – 196.880 mph / Set on September 2004 World of Speed / this record makes the RaceDeck Roadster “The Fastest 4cyl Street Roadster on the Planet”
F/BGR- 201.081 mph / Set on August 2004 Speed Week * First four cylinder roadster to ever break the 200 mark! This record put Driver Jorgen Moller in the prestigous Bonneville 200 mph Club  as a life member  
F/BFR – 186.661 mph / Set on August 2004 Speed Week
F/BGMR – 199.478 mph / Set on September 2003

*Jorgen Moller was inducted into the prestigious Bonneville 200 mph club as a life member on August 2004
The RaceDeck Roadster is the first 4 cyl roadster to break the 200 mph mark.

Fastest ever timed pass at Bonneville – 213.413 mph (BFR) / Ran at World Finals 2004
No other 4 Cyl Roadster has ever ran as fast at Bonneville

The RaceDeck Roadster is a classic 32' land speed hotrod- that is until you get to the power plant! Which is the all new SRT-4 MOPAR motor, a 144 c.i. 4-cyl…."Old-school meets new school" set up.- RaceDeck Racing (RDR) decided to build a car that would be different than any other roadster out there and one that still had its "good ole' American Hot-Rod roots". This is when RDR hooked with Darrell Cox, a master builder of MOPAR motors, specializing in the new SRT-4 motor by Dodge and Jorgen Moller, CEO of Snap Lock Industries ( manufacturer of RaceDeck®) got together to see what could be possible. After the very first their meeting both walked away with a plan of attack for the "salt" and worked together on the project throughout the winter. The first issue was 'how do you take a front wheel drive motor and make it work in a rear wheel driven roadster?….That is where the rest of the RaceDeck Race Team came into play, the second obstacle was to see if it was possible to build a little 4cyl motor that could produce the massive amounts power and reliability to the job done on the 'salt, this is where Darrell came through with flying colors, with a reliable 650 + HP 4cyl motor that runs on gas!. With the help of Jeff Nish, Larry Volk and Dave Harris & Phil Hurst of Hinckley Dodge, they built a car that would work on the salt with this unusual power-plant for a roadster. During the project the local Salt Lake City Dodge Dealer joined in on the action and gave the team their top performance guys, parts, and even the paint & body work…It was Hinckley Dodge "the oldest standing Dodge dealership in the country" that made it all come together in the end, Dave and Phil put in over 100(+) hours in the last week prior SpeedWeek 03'….

The result is a "Hot-Rod" that is interesting to both the "old School" and "new School" racers and enthusiasts- and a Hot-Rod that has been very successful thus far on the salt!

Car Specs:
32 High Boy Roadster- Chassis tuned and balanced by the RaceDeck Racing team

Engine: 2.4 L ( 144ci) Turbo SRT-4 MOPAR

Transmission- Automatic rear wheel drive

Tires- Land Speed Racing GoodYear

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