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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Jorgen Moller sets a land speed record of 213.413 mph in his RaceDeck Roadster.

Jorgen Moller achieves fastest timed pass at Bonneville Salt Flats

On October 16, RaceDeck Racing closed out the 2004 season by setting a fastest mile speed average of 213.413 mph during the World Finals at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Driver Jorgen Moller has broken more than 10 records behind the wheel of his highly modified 1932 four-cylinder Highboy roadster. The roadster is equipped with a Darrell Cox-built 2004 2.4L (144 ci / four-cylinder) turbocharged Dodge SRT-4 (F class) engine with a three-speed automatic transmission. The engine puts out an estimated 750 horsepower on gas and 950+ horsepower on fuel (alcohol).

Last Saturday’s achievement was the third land speed record the team set this year. In August the RaceDeck Roadster reached a speed of 201.081 mph in the F/Blown Gas Roadster class during Speed Weeks at the Bonneville Flats, making it the first four-cylinder roadster to break the 200 mph mark. Following the event, Jorgen Moller was inducted into the prestigious Bonneville 200 MPH Club as a life member.

In September, the RaceDeck Roadster set a record speed of 196.880 mph in the F/Blown Street Roadster class during the World of Speed event at Bonneville. This accomplishment officially makes the RaceDeck Roadster the fastest four-cylinder street roadster on the planet.

RaceDeck racing is already building and rebuilding their cars for the 2005 season. The team hopes to break the 225 mph mark in the RaceDeck Roadster next year. They’re also looking into other classes that may fit into the RaceDeck Racing program in 2005.


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